Material Specifications





Material Specification Name




Aggregates for Drainfill and Filters 521 HERE
Aggregates for Portland Cement Concrete 522 HERE
Aluminum Corrugated Pipe 552 HERE
Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles 514 HERE
Chemical Admixtures for Concrete 533 HERE
Clay Pipe and Drain Tile 544 HERE
Coal Tar-Epoxy Paint 583 HERE
Coconut Blankets 800 HERE
Concrete Culvert Pipe 542 HERE
Concrete Curing Compound 534 HERE
Corrugated Polyethylene Tubing 548 HERE
Ductile-Iron Pipe 553 HERE
Erosion Control Blanket – Turf 805 HERE
Reinforcement Mat (TRM)
Field Fencing Materials 591 HERE
Flap Gates, Metal 572 HERE
Galvanizing 582 HERE
Geosynthetic Clay Liner 595 HERE
Geotextile 592 HERE
HDPE and LLDPE Flexible Membrane Liner 594 HERE
Jute Netting 801 HERE
Lime 593 HERE
Manufactured Ditch Check 807 HERE
Material for Topsoiling 804 HERE
Metal 581 HERE
Metallic-Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe 551 HERE
Metal Waterstops 538 HERE
Mineral Admixtures for Concrete 532 HERE
Non-Metallic Waterstops 537 HERE
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe 543 HERE
Plastic Pipe 547 HERE
Portland Cement 531 HERE
Precast Concrete Piles 513 HERE
Preformed Expansion Joint Filler 535 HERE
Radial Gates 573 HERE
Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe 541 HERE
Rock for Riprap 523 HERE
Sealing Compound for Joints in Concrete 536 HERE
and Concrete Pipe
Slide Gates 571 HERE
Steel Piles 511 HERE
Steel Pipe 554 HERE
Steel Reinforcement (for Concrete) 539 HERE
Straw Blankets 803 HERE
Structural Timber and Lumber 584 HERE
Wood Fiber Blankets 802 HERE
Wood Piles 512 HERE
Wood Preservatives and Treatment 585 HERE