Standard Drawings




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HERE Two Guy Method – Trees Under 8’IL-687


Standard Drawing Name


HERE Back Cut Crub IUM-501
HERE Bioretention Facility IUM-500
HERE Bridge Scour Protection IL-700
HERE CMP Drop Inlet and Baffle – 3 sheets IL-578(A,B,C)
HERE CMP Water Control Structure – 2 sheets IL-594(A,B)
HERE Cofferdam – A-Frame IUM-503AF
HERE Cofferdam – A-Frame Partial IUM-503AP
HERE Cofferdam – Bladder IUM-503BF
HERE Cofferdam – Bladder Partial IUM-503BP
HERE Cofferdam – Rock IUM-503RF
HERE Cofferdam – Rock Partial IUM-503RP
HERE Cofferdam – Steel Sheet IUM-503SS
HERE Construction Road Stabilization IL-506
HERE Corrugated Metal Pipe Diaphragm – 2 sheets IL-579(A,B)
HERE Corrugated Metal Pipe Support – 2 sheets IL-586(A,B)
HERE Coupling Band for Corrugated Metal Pipe – 2 sheets IL-580(A,B)
HERE Culvert Flared End Section – 2 sheets IL-545(A,B)
HERE Culvert Inlet Protection – Stone IL-508ST
HERE Detail for PVC Canopy Inlet IL-592
HERE Ditch Check (Manufactured) – Plastic IUM-514PC
HERE Ditch Check (Manufactured) – Rolled IUM-514RC
HERE Ditch Check (Manufactured) – Synthetic Porous IUM-514SC
HERE Ditch Check (Manufactured) – Urethane Foam IUM-514UF
HERE Ditch Check (Manufactured) – Vegetated IUM-514VC
HERE Diversion Plan IL-515
HERE Drain Details for Ponds with CMP Risers Using 8″, 10″ and 12″ Valves IL-121
HERE Drop Inlet Structure Plan – 2 sheets IL-583(A,B)
HERE Dry Fire Hydrant Details – 2 sheets IL-120(A,B)
HERE Earth Dam Structure Plan – 2 sheets IL-585(A,B)
HERE Erosion Control Blanket IUM-530
HERE Erosion Control Blanket – Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) IUM-531
HERE Fabric Checks for Waterways – 2 sheets IL-542(A,B)
HERE Filter Strip – Grassed IL-535
HERE Flexible Antiseep Collar IL-593
HERE Headwall & Safety Guard for Pipe Risers – 2 sheets IL-576(A,B)
HERE Hood Inlet Structure Plan – 2 sheets IL-584(A,B)
HERE Hood Inlet with Baffle for CMP – 2 sheets IL-577(A,B)
HERE Infiltration Trench IL-547
HERE Inlet for Underground Outlet-Metal – 2 sheets IL-543(A,B)
HERE Inlet for Underground Outlet-Plastic – 2 sheets IL-544(A,B)
HERE Inlet Protection – Above Grade IUM-531
HERE Inlet Protection – Log Type IUM-562
HERE Inlet Protection – Paved Areas, Curb Protection IUM-561C
HERE Inlet Protection – Paved Areas, Drop Protection IUM-561D
HERE Inlet Protection – Woven Monofilament Barrier Fence IUM-531
HERE Level Spreader – 2 sheets IL-570(A,B)
HERE Paved Flume IL-567
HERE Pipe Outlet to Channel IL-611
HERE Pipe Outlet to Flat Area IL-610
HERE Planting Procedure for Balled and Burlapped or Container IL-685
Grown Trees and Shrubs
HERE Planting Procedure for Shrubs IL-689
HERE Polyacrylamide: Temporary Mixing Swale with Optional IUM-594A
Baffle Pit
HERE Polyacrylamide: Temporary Mixing Swale with Optional IUM-594B
Baffle Pit Detail
HERE Portable Sediment Tank Plan IL-595
HERE Right-of-Way Diversion Plan IL-600
HERE Rock Check Dam – Coarse Aggregate IL-605CA
HERE Rock check Dam – Riprap IL-605R
HERE Rock Checks for Waterways – 2 sheets IL-541(A,B)
HERE Sediment Basin Dewatering Device IL-615
HERE Sediment Forebay IUM-614
HERE Silt Curtain – Floating, Typical Layout IUM-617A
HERE Silt Curtain – Floating, Panel Connectors IUM-617B
HERE Silt Fence Plan IUM-620A
HERE Silt Fence with Wire Support Plan IUM-620A(W)
HERE Silt Fence, Splicing Two Fences IUM-620B(W)
HERE Soil Stockpile IUM-627
HERE Stabilized Construction Entrance Plan – 2 sheets IL-630(A,B)
HERE Structural Streambank Stabilization – Gabions IL-645
Assembly and Lacing Details
HERE Structural Streambank Stabilization – Gabions IL-646
1 Basket High with Slope Mat
HERE Structural Streambank Stabilization – Gabions IL-642
2 Baskets High with Mat
HERE Structural Streambank Stabilization – Gabions IL-641
2 Baskets High w/o Mat
HERE Structural Streambank Stabilization – Gabions IL-644
3 Baskets High with Mat
HERE Structural Streambank Stabilization – Gabions IL-643
3 Baskets High w/o Mat
HERE Structural Streambank Stabilization – Riprap IL-640
HERE Sump Pit Plan IL-650
HERE Temporary Concrete Washout IUM-654BW
HERE Temporary Concrete Washout IUM-654ET
HERE Temporary Concrete Washout IUM-654SB
HERE Temporary Diversion Plan IL-655
HERE Temporary Sediment Trap – Pipe Outlet IUM-660P
HERE Temporary Sediment Trap – Rock Outlet IUM-660R
HERE Temporary Slope Drain Plan IL-670
HERE Temporary Stream Crossing – Bridge Plan IUM-675BP
HERE Temporary Stream Crossing – Culvert Plan IUM-675CP
HERE Temporary Stream Diversion IUM-676BP
HERE Temporary Stream Diversion IUM-676DC
HERE Temporary Stream Diversion IUM-676PD
HERE Temporary Rock Swale Plan IL-680R
HERE Temporary Vegetated Swale Plan IL-680V
HERE Three Guy Method – Trees Over 8′ IL-688
HERE Timber Prop for 18″-30″ Diameter CMP IL-581
HERE Timber Prop for 36″-48″ Diameter CMP IL-582
HERE Trash Racks for Hooded Inlet IL-591
HERE Trash Racks for Pipe Drop Inlet – 2 sheets IL-590(A,B)
HERE Tree and Shrub Planting Site Plan – 2 sheets IL-686(A,B)
HERE Tree Protection – Fencing Moderately Urbanized IUM-690A
HERE Tree Protection – Fencing Highly Urbanized IUM-690B
HERE Tree Protection – Tree Trunk Protection IUM-690C
HERE Tree Root Protection for Augering IUM-690D
HERE Vegetative Streambank Stabilization – Details IL-696
HERE Vegetative Streambank Stabilization Site Plan – 3 sheets IL-695(A,B,C)
HERE Waterway Plan – Parabolic IL-540P
HERE Waterway Plan – Trapezoidal IL-540T
HERE Waterway Plan – V Bottom IL-540V