Welcome to Claude’s world – the world of soil.

claude_frontIf you ask Claude, EVERYTHING begins (and ends) with soil. He’ll give you the ‘scoop’ on soil in this interactive and educational game. Use your mouse to move the cursor around and investigate Claude’s underground adventure. Just click on different areas of the screen to be transported to a new world with amazing facts about soil!

“Conservation” isn’t just about recycling aluminum cans–it’s about all our natural resources. Join Claude as he explores the landscape and looks into our own lives where he uncovers the different ways we are all connected to this incredible resource. Soil is the foundation of life. Play Claude’s game and learn about the wonderful, dirty substance! Discover the wonders under your FEET!

Who is Claude?

Claude is a smart little clod of soil (or “dirt” as some call it). As the game’s narrator and tour guide, Claude answers all those questions you’ve had about soil and he offers new information about dirt that you probably never knew.

Click here to download “Claude’s Got the Scoop on Soil!” game

What Happens in the Game?
The game starts in Claude’s room. From there, kids can visit the Soil Erosion Room, go up top to the outside world to see Soil at Work or venture down deeper to the amazing Soil Factory. Each area includes cool photos and video clips that explain basic soil concepts. By using the arrows at each side of the bottom of the screen, kids can roam within Claude’s world to explore and learn more. No matter where you go in Claude’s world, there are wild things to see and lots to learn!

Soil Related Lesson Plans and Fun Activities
Also included on this CD are a number of soil facts, photos, factsheets, and school activities that teachers or parents can use to further explore real world facts about this amazing natural resource. These activities are “teacher tested and kid approved,” and are guaranteed to be fun and educational.

For Users Who Want to Dig Deeper…
Within the game are opportunities to learn more. Periodically, an icon that reads “Do you want to know more?” pops up. If selected, Claude provides more technical information on the subject.

Uses: This game can be used by educators in a classroom setting or by kids and families at home. It can be used by one person or in group settings. It can be posted onto a website to be used online or downloaded for private use at home.

Purpose: The purpose of the game is to raise awareness about the importance of our nation’s soil resources.

Audience: Age 3 and Up. “Scoop on Soil” can be used and enjoyed by everyone!

System requirements: The program will operate on PC or Macintosh platforms. File size is 119 MB for storage on the hard drive. The game can be loaded onto the hard drive or played directly from the CD drive.

Time needed: Most users can explore all areas of the game within 10 minutes. Many find they like to stay longer or revisit favorite places.